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Pakistan Embassy International School & College, Tehran (PEISCT) has achieved outstanding, best ever results in Cambridge International Examination June 2020.
24 Aug 2020

Great News! We are very delighted to share that Pakistan Embassy International School & College, Tehran (PEISCT) has achieved outstanding, best ever results in Cambridge International Examination June 2020.

26 students appeared this year.

At A Level, 50% of students got A or A* which is a huge success and there is a substantial decrease in lower grades.

At IGCSE, 63 % of students have bagged A and A* grades. A new milestone achieved in the history of PEISCT. Their result is as follows:

A Level:

A*/A= 26

B     = 4  

C     = 20

D     = 2  


A*/A = 34

B       = 9

C       = 7

D       = 4

Our heartiest felicitations to all our brilliant students, their parents and teachers on their superb performance. We wish them best of luck in their future endeavors, as well.

Taj Shaheen



Special Supplement on Pakistan Independence Day
14 Aug 2020

A tribute to Pakistan...the land of brave people, by our young learners of Pakistan Embassy International School& College, Tehran. Happy independence Day of Pakistan.

14 August 2020.

Taj Shaheen


Re-Opening School for the Session 2020-21
30 Jul 2020


Dear all, plz be informed that reference to this circular and according to the current level of

COVID 19 metrics, "Scenario 3" plan will be implemented from August 3 till end of August

2020. Details of virtual classes/ distance learning will be shared with u after Eid Holidays.

Should u have any query, plz donot hesitate to contact us.


Taj Shaheen

Sumitomo Corporation Iran Limited is a renowned International company with regional office in Iran and head office at Tokyo, Japan. Mr. Tanaka the Managing Director arranged a cultural orientation session for introduction of the Japanese culture and fine arts to the students of Pakistan International School and College Tehran.  A special team arrived from Tokyo and demonstrated to junior and senior sections the typical arts and skills of Japan to students under supervision and coordination of PISCT staff. The session was wonderfully coordinated and all students took part in the activities and enjoyed the day.

The program was designed for all the students of school and almost everybody got a chance to learn about the fabulous arts and traditions of Japan.

The junior school kids were introduced to Origami. Origami is the art of paper folding, which is often associated with Japanese culture. The Japanese team also distributed typical Japanese paper made toys to the children of junior section. The nursery and Kindergarten students were given material to make fascinating origami toys. The junior section was also given a chance to play a traditional Japanese game which was enjoyed by all the students.

After the Origami session the senior section was offered to learn and practice the Japanese calligraphy (shodo) which is a form of calligraphy, or artistic writing, of the Japanese Language.  Students were introduced to the different styles of writing Japanese language. The Japanese team provided the students with special paper made of rice and inks to write on with. Students enjoyed writing their names in Japanese.

In learning about the Japanese traditional clothing the team introduced Kimono which is a type of clothing which is being used for ages. Although in the current century modern and western clothing is popular yet people of Japan still like to wear traditional on important occasions.

Senior students were given opportunity to wear the costumes.  First there was a session in the yard of the school where all the senior section learnt how to wear a kimono. The Japanese instructors also guided about the difference between ladies and gents kimonos. After that the students of junior and senior section were asked to try wearing the costumes themselves. Japanese kimonos are wrapped around the body, sometimes in several layers, and are secured in place by sashes with a wide obi to complete it.

The meaning of the color white is purity innocence, wholeness and completion. White contains an equal balance of all the colors of the spectrum, representing both the positive and negative aspects of all colors. Its basic feature is equality, implying fairness and impartiality neutrality and independence.

During color day, we also have different activities. The little kids come to school dressed in white and were eager to participate in the day’s activities.

The classroom was decorated according to the color theme and white color objects were shown to the children, who identified them correctly. Children were engaged in a fun activity of sticking cotton on sheep template, which they enjoyed a lot!

Class Teacher

Ms. Farah Shafa


We are delighted to inform you that PISCT has started an SMS notification system to inform parents, guardians and students of the official school announcements and updates.

The system uses 5000145 as its number, and it is advisable to update your phone contacts with it. The SMS notification system registered the numbers provided to us by your records. If no such number has been given, we strongly suggest that you update your contact information at the earliest time of your convenience so that we can register you on the system. Furthermore, if you prefer to be contacted at an alternative cell number, kindly send your request to the administration department and we shall comply with your wish.

In order to increase the students creativity and interest, Pakistan International School and College has added a new 'Fine-Arts' class this academic term. This will explore the talent and innovation of our students and will give them an opportunity to show their artwork. Special teachers has been designated in order to conduct these classes.

The 2nd Mock exams for Cambridge O & A Levels students will start on 29th of January, 2017. Passing criteria for Mock examination is set to be 60%.

Registration form for the GCE/IGCSE O & A Level Examinations can be found from Cambridge Coordinator during school hours. Parents are requested to fill in the details of their son/daughter and subject(s) he/she is going to appear in May/June, 2017.

The registration form is to be signed by the subject teachers and then exam fee as prescribed above is to be paid to the accountant, Mr.Irtaza.

The signed registration form after getting it signed and stamped by the accountant, would be given to the Cambridge coordinator well before 16th February, 2017.The last day for sending Cambridge admissions is 16th February, 2017.

School would not be responsible for any admission not being sent either because the student failed to complete the registration process in time or failed to deliver the registration form to the Cambridge coordinator.

The date sheets of Cambridge Mock exams and the fee structure can be download from below.

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