Cultural Activities in PISCT
07 Feb 2017

Cultural Activities in PISCT Featured

Sumitomo Corporation Iran Limited is a renowned International company with regional office in Iran and head office at Tokyo, Japan. Mr. Tanaka the Managing Director arranged a cultural orientation session for introduction of the Japanese culture and fine arts to the students of Pakistan International School and College Tehran.  A special team arrived from Tokyo and demonstrated to junior and senior sections the typical arts and skills of Japan to students under supervision and coordination of PISCT staff. The session was wonderfully coordinated and all students took part in the activities and enjoyed the day.

The program was designed for all the students of school and almost everybody got a chance to learn about the fabulous arts and traditions of Japan.

The junior school kids were introduced to Origami. Origami is the art of paper folding, which is often associated with Japanese culture. The Japanese team also distributed typical Japanese paper made toys to the children of junior section. The nursery and Kindergarten students were given material to make fascinating origami toys. The junior section was also given a chance to play a traditional Japanese game which was enjoyed by all the students.

After the Origami session the senior section was offered to learn and practice the Japanese calligraphy (shodo) which is a form of calligraphy, or artistic writing, of the Japanese Language.  Students were introduced to the different styles of writing Japanese language. The Japanese team provided the students with special paper made of rice and inks to write on with. Students enjoyed writing their names in Japanese.

In learning about the Japanese traditional clothing the team introduced Kimono which is a type of clothing which is being used for ages. Although in the current century modern and western clothing is popular yet people of Japan still like to wear traditional on important occasions.

Senior students were given opportunity to wear the costumes.  First there was a session in the yard of the school where all the senior section learnt how to wear a kimono. The Japanese instructors also guided about the difference between ladies and gents kimonos. After that the students of junior and senior section were asked to try wearing the costumes themselves. Japanese kimonos are wrapped around the body, sometimes in several layers, and are secured in place by sashes with a wide obi to complete it.

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